Sushant Singh Rajput – What’s Happening?

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput has led to an upheaval in the film industry of India. Every day at least four to five articles are coming out on Sushant in social media. Some are regarding the memories with Sushant, being shared by co-stars and friends. Some questioning his mysterious death. Some seeking CBI probe to confirm if this was a suicide or murder.

However, now that the justified CBI probe is underway, many unknown facts are coming into limelight. From 14th June 2020 till date the social media is going crazy about this incident. But the most interesting fact is that, this sudden action of Sushant Singh Rajput, has broken the film fraternity into factions.

From the time this incident has happened, suddenly, a series of allegations and counter allegations have started surfacing in the social media, from some of the star actors and directors of Bollywood. Terms like Nepotism, Neglect, Groupism have got adjudged to the case of Sushant Singh Rajput.

However, the unfortunate part is that none of the people who are alleging are sure of the facts pertaining to the Rajput suicide case. Can we term this as some people shooting arrows of allegations at each other in the darkness to fulfill their personal vendetta? It seems so, as these comments are not substantiated by facts from any one of them.

Some celebrities have turned into heroes and some into villains, overnight. Nasty assertion in the social media is on a rampage leading to inclusion of more heroes and villains to the story on a regular basis. Somewhere, amidst this situation of averment the unfortunate Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case has got buried.

It seems more like all these people are out here fighting to resolve their own personal issues. They all are striving to settle their own scores at the pretext of Rajput’s incident. I do agree to the statement made by Nasiruddin Shah in context to what is happening currently.

There might be a big game of groupism being played in the arena of Bollywood, but where on earth is this game not played? Which professional field is devoid of these actions of nepotism, groupism etc? But that doesn’t mean we are supposed to adjudge people guilty based on some erratic statements going around in the social media.

The little we are hearing about the CBI probe in this case is indicating an inclination of the suicidal motive towards a personal life problem rather than a professional provocation. But we have to wait till the probe is complete in order to reach a conclusion. Let’s wait for the CBI findings to be revealed before framing some people and making them an outcast, based on allegations.

This aftermath of the whole incident has left Sushant devoid of the respect he should have received from the fraternity. A young man with rich educational and cultural qualities deserved a bit more than this nasty game of politics. If he was a prey to this political game, is far from being established till now, but the lack of composure in the Indian film industry has been clearly exposed.

Unfortunately, whatever game is going around this incident, it is being played at the cost of a talented and glamorous actor who died an unnatural death for reasons yet to be found out. This game has already become mucky. Hope this should stop here without tarnishing the image of the film industry further.

About Sushant. Let us allow his soul to rest in peace. A learned person, dedicated actor, successful star and jovial personality perishing too early. The name of his last film is the real tribute to him “Dil Bechara”.

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