Motive Matters


Something is eluding my life. Is it my own self? At times it feels that something somewhere has remained undone which is stopping me from having a proper analysis of what I wanted to fulfil in life, what I achieved and what I failed to attain.

It’s our inner soul which speaks within us at times and makes us realise that the potential we possess has not been fully utilised.  It is necessary for all of us that we analyse by making an introspection if we have achieved what we had desired. Unluckily, 90% of us don’t know our potential and hence only 10% are celebrities who are acknowledged for their deeds.

We just need to dig into your own selves and find out the qualities we possess, my friends. We need to cultivate them without any intention of returns and unveil those qualities in front of the world. Who knows, tomorrow the whole world can learn a lesson from the merit of our qualities?

It might not be beneficial to us in monetary terms, but our thoughts can enlighten the universe! Great thoughts and inventions have come following this path only. The great inventors did never run after the mundane gains, but they did strive for the motive they were pursuing.


Now, motives can be good or evil. Both yield results and have a long-lasting impact on human minds. It’s only that, good motives have positive vibes and spreads confidence, happiness and zeal. On the flip side bad motives have negative vibes and spreads scepticism, hatred and cruelty.

It’s the motive that matters and it’s the motive that illuminates or irradiates, nothing else in this mundane world really matters. The choice of good or bad motive is subject to human nature and the genre they belong to.


8 thoughts on “Motive Matters

  1. A good thought provoking writeup. My two pence on it.

    Realization of potential and having a strong motive is a necessary condition for success, agreed. But may not be suffucuent. Hence non realization of potential cannot be attributed to the persons lack of motive alone. There are a lot many factors effecting the success, some of them are surely intrinsic but mostly not.

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