Depression – can it be eradicated?

Depression, as I had stated in my previous article, is a state of mind. It is the net result of our desire alone leading to fear. May be the desire is not to receive an untimely shock, not to fall lonely, not to be devoid of friends and family, not to lose social position and dignity and innumerable other reasons. But the crux of the matter is related to Desire followed by Fear.

Definitely, this subject needs medical attention and there are experts who deal in this aspect of life. Medication is the remedy for people suffering in extreme cases. We can’t consider cases which are uncontrollable. We are discussing only the controllable self-created depressions out here.

Why are we so ‘I’ centric? Why are we so egoistic? Why can’t we think beyond ourselves? People insulting us hurts our ego, friends and family deserting us affects our ego, loss of dignity insults our ego and so on and so forth. Ego is the cause of the because. It’s our ego which makes us self-conscious and makes us feel deprived.

Have we ever given a thought as to what is the proportion of space we occupy, in terms of diameter, compared to this Universe and the galaxy beyond that? What is the weightage of our ego compared to the unbearable suffering of innumerable human beings in this world? We are so small in stature that we don’t even stand a chance of being recognised as a mere dot in this infinity, called the Universe. Then what are we brooding about? Depression is nothing but brooding our own unfulfilled desires and feeling sad about them. This brooding transforms into deep desire giving rise to frustration, if not fulfilled, leading to deep depression.

If we feel we want to come out of it, we can. What do we need to do to rejuvenate our depressed mind?

  • ·       We need to look beyond our own desires and look at the world with a different perspective all together.
  • ·       We need to make ourselves understand that there is a world beyond our brooding mind, which is beautiful. The nature holds all her charming beauty for us and urges us to explore them fully and feel it’s eternal beauty.
  • ·       We need to understand that beyond our own personal gains there is a world which is striving for help from us to survive, day in and day out.
  • ·       Most importantly, we need to understand that we are required somewhere or the other, beyond our own egoistic life and our life can be useful if we want it to be.

Rejuvenation can be achieved through practise. The practise to fight hidden desires.

  • ·       It’s the practise to keep a close watch at our thoughts every moment. “What am I thinking” should be the question we should be asking our mind every moment it tries to drift back to the depressing zone. If we look straight at our thoughts, they will evaporate. If we challenge our thoughts, they cannot overpower us, they move away.
  • ·       Thoughts are like waves, they are recurring and hence continuously monitoring them and asking them “what am I thinking” makes our mind clear from thoughts and makes us feel stronger.
  • ·       We need to practice the art of cultivating positivity within ourselves. We need to think “what good we can do further for everyone who needs help” rather than allowing the desirous heart-breaking thoughts overpower us.
  • ·       Meditation is the most effective tool to keep our mind cool and cultivate positive constructive thoughts.
  • ·       Yoga helps in maintaining the body-mind balance. Fresh and fit body helps a healthy mind to develop.
  • ·       We should try to be close to the nature as much as possible, as nature possesses the positivity which is required to clear up the thoughts of a depressed mind. There is no negativity in the nature and hence being close to Her will give us peace and tranquillity.
  • ·       We need to bring ourselves out from the confinement of the closed doors and try to meet more and more people and engage ourselves in constructive activities. There might not be any friend to talk to, for a depressed person, but he can make himself available for the humanitarian cause and help the poor and the needy, which will, in turn, help him to end his loneliness, make new friends, find a motive to be alive, get rid of the depressing thoughts by replacing them with the new positive ones, as well as become a supporting cause for those who requires help.

That’s the best medicine we can suggest ourselves and get rid of this unwanted inhabitant.

The choice is ours.

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