Corona – Ordinary People Confused!!!

Corona …. corona……corona

This Corona virus is unique in nature and many of its newer characteristics are unveiling themselves with every passing day. Even World Health Organisation (WHO) is finding it difficult to find out the real nature of the virus. The contradictory statements from WHO itself has established the fact as to how deceptive this virus has been.

The impact of some of these confusing statements of WHO have been very important in context of our daily life amid this pandemic, which can be summarised below:

  1. On Jan 14, WHO stated that there is no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission But they back tracked from this statement on Jan 20 and stated that there can be some limited human-to-human transmission occurring between close contacts.
  2. On Feb 11, in Geneva WHO publicly told in a press conference that Corona is air-borne which was yet to be established at that point of time.,-china-and-europe.
  3. On Mar 12, WHO Chief suggested that Covid-19 can be controlled but gave several warnings in May and June that the crisis is “far from over”.
  4. On Apr 1, it was stated that only patients and their caregivers should wear medical masks. However, on Jun 5, the WHO chief announced the change in the statement of Apr 1 and advised public to wear masks
  5. On Jun 8, WHO made a statement stating that Covid-19 transmission rate from asymptomatic patients is “rare”. However, on Jun 11, they retracted the statement, and stated that there was a 40% chance of patients transmitting the illness onto others without being symptomatic

As such WHO’s declaration of Covid-19 being a global pandemic was a late announcement and for many countries the pandemic had already started. For most of the countries the spread had started in mid-January. Deaths started to be reported by mid-February, but WHO’s realisation of this being a global pandemic dawned in mid-March.

But here is a very interesting fact which needs to be shared in this context. Almost every city and village of all the countries are affected by the attack of this virus to a variable extent. On the contrary, there is an exceptional country where the virus has been concentrated hardly to one city only. That country is where the virus had originated from. From the origin place of Wuhan city, very surprisingly, the virus has barely visited any other city of China.

This is a mystery and the answer to this question could lead to the path of remedy. It’s very hard to believe that only by locking down Wuhan from the rest of the country China prevented the spread of this disease. This point has also been raised by Dr Prathap Reddy, chairman Apollo Hospitals Group recently

As on date this virus has crippled the world activity wholly. With the correct assessment of the nature of the virus eluding us, there are hundreds of assumption-based statements floating around.

These statements might be self-perceived ideas of various people trying to warn us against the virus and suggesting remedial measures, may be, for our well-being. But the authenticity or efficacy of these ideas are not proven or tested.

Without knowing the effectiveness, we are circulating these ideas to our near and dear ones through social media. The result is that we are getting confused, panic stricken and circumspect in evaluating as to what exactly we should do to prevent ourselves from the virus and if what we are currently doing is correct or not.

Moreover, the scary statement “This virus may never go away” from WHO’s emergencies chief Dr. Michael Ryan in context to the end of this pandemic in near future, is bound to impact the mental strength of the common people

Do we require any further advise? Enough of negativity is flowing around us. What I have understood after getting confused and then analysing logically are a few simple things. Sharing the same with you.

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Only adhere to government circulars regarding any announcement on progress in research for Covid-19 medicines.
  3. Do not adhere to any ideas provided by unknown authorities through social media and stop promoting them.
  4. Follow the directives regarding lockdown and adhere to the same.
  5. Restrain from getting Corona death updates on an hourly basis as this is not a cricket match score. It affects you adversely.
  6. If possible keep yourself calm by listening to mild music.
  7. Play with kids, plan for future activities and involve yourself in household activity.
  8. Clean your hands on a regular basis.
  9. Maintain social distancing and avoid social gatherings.
  10. Wear mask when going out for some work.
  11. Don’t touch any part of your face while you are outdoors till the time you properly wash your hands.
  12. Don’t touch door handles, water taps etc after coming back home from outside. Let some family member do it for you.
  13. Wash the clothes you had worn outside immediately after coming back home in warm water and clean your hand till elbow and feet till knee properly with soap.
  14. To increase immunity try to follow only government guidelines.
  15. Consult doctor if you are unwell and don’t try out any medicine without the doctor’s advice.

In most of the families there might be argument as to how to handle and disinfect items brought into the house from the market. The procedures should be kept simple and logical:

  1. For fruits and vegetables other than onion and potato, clean them with a solution of 10% vinegar and 90% water. A solution of baking soda and water will also be effective. Even a solution of warm water and 2 tea spoons of salt can also be used, once the solution cools down. Now a days, Veggie and fruit cleaner solutions are also available. Consult Google for further ideas.
  2. For potatoes and onions, make sure you wash your hands carefully after cleaning the peeled onions and potatoes properly, before cooking.
  3. About other items brought from market including grocery, they should be sanitised and kept aloof in a secluded place where sunshine is available, for minimum 3-4 days without touching. After that if possible try to store them in their respective containers and throw away the plastics.
  4. In case you need to store packed items then clean the surface of the packet properly with sanitiser before storing.
  5. Try to throw away the carry bags brought in from the market, as much as possible, in the designated disposal beans.

Till the time vaccine is available we need to follow the above rules and refrain from any further social media gossips. We need to be patient and need to have a positive frame of mind. Thousands of scientists are on the job and there will be an outcome positively.

Positive mind increases the resistance power whereas negative mind brings in depression. Every beginning has an end. These trying times will also pass by and life will come back to normalcy for all of us.

In case you suggest any further useful measure, I have forgotten to add, please help by putting your valuable comments.

Be Safe, Be Healthy – as your safety ensures the safety of your family too.

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