Board Exam Results

Board exam results for Class X and XII holds a prime importance in the life of the students. These are the first two major exams of their life and can be termed as the foundation stone for their future path of journey. They eagerly await the results to see the outcome of the efforts put in by them.

In our times there was no internet connection. We had to visit the schools and colleges for confirmation of the results and collection of marksheet. Times have changed, and results are now-a-days published in the internet through websites and marksheets are also available online.

This development is very beneficial as far as the students are concerned. All boards be it ICSE, ISC or CBSE are resorting to this method in publishing the results of the students.

But the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has a unique problem in their website every year while publishing these results. Let’s look at these problems one by one:

  1. Historically their websites or are hardly reachable on the result day.
  2. Umang App or Digi locker app which are their other means to get the results also become non-functional on the day the results are published.
  3. CBSE provides phone numbers for enquiring about the results which remains perennially engaged or are not serviceable on D-Day.

The tension of the accessibility of these websites and apps are more in the mind of the students rather than the outcome of their results. This time also the system crashed during publication of the Senior School Certificate Examination results.

For a long time, the system was not functioning before it eventually started working during the publication of Secondary results. Luckily, only the SMS service was working, though delayed, through which most of the students got to know their results, primarily.

This has been a regular story for CBSE results publication through net. Why is it so? Even the social media is also aware of this problem of CBSE authorities. They suggest “Ways to access CBSE Results” through some private websites who are eager to collect your personal data like phone number, e-mail ID, name etc to enrich their data bank and sell their online offers in the pretext of providing students with result publication alerts.

Why can’t CBSE fix these problems once and for all? They understand the website will have to handle heavy traffic on the result day. Then what stops them from organising themselves properly and ensure proper functioning of the websites?

Around 1.2 mio students appeared for Class XII and 1.8 mio students appeared for Class X  in 2020 Board exams. Most of them had to pass through the mental tension of webiste accessibility in order to view their Board exam results.

Moreover, one thing CBSE Board needs to examine carefully is the data input in the marksheets. For instance, the date of birth of a student shows 28/09/20 in the Secondary results marksheet this year, which refers that he has passed the exam for Class X much before he is born!

Ministry needs to investigate all these matters seriously. Every year students appearing for their exams cannot go on facing these problems of looking at the buffering app or the non- functional website and incorrect data inputs.

Technology is required to be upgraded and must be used effectively and efficiently to reap the benefits out of it. Effective service should be a complete package and not an incomplete and amateurish display of continuous disruptions.

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