About Me

Hello friends! Thank you for checking this page. I appreciate your attention to me personally apart from your interest on my blogs. I jot down a a few details about my own self for your kind knowledge.

My name is Indranil Majumdar. I had been associated with a reputed airline in India as a Finance professional since February, 1997 till date which is almost 23 plus years now. Unfortunately, effective last yera this company has stopped flying and is undergoing a restructuring or liquidation process, whichever will be a feasible option in times to come.

However, during these last one year I have tried to find out my field of interest by exploring all possible avenues. To my own surprise I realised that I possess a decent communicating ability and my expressing power is also not bad. Hence, I decided to communicate with all of you by sharing a little bit I knaow.

As I could not decide on any particular niche for my blogs I have named my website “Collagemaster”. But to start this journey wouldn’t have been possible for me if two of my dearest friends wouldn’t have motivated and inspired to go for this. They are none other than my Wife and Son.

I hope that you will find my blogs readable and enjoyable.