Sad story of an Epicurean


I am a genuine food lover and a great fan of restaurant food. I feel most of us are, aren’t we? Believe me, I get bored of having the same roti-sabji in dinner every night. For me there should be a repetition of the same menu maximum up to twice a week. If it’s roti-sabji on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday should be something else, say Paratha, Fried rice etc.

All these years my family, be it my parents or my wife, have wracked their brains to select daily menu for my dinner. For lunch I used to have an option to go for restaurant food if I didn’t like the homemade food. So, it was me who have kept everyone busy in selecting daily menus for me. But in fact, I didn’t have any idea how to cook! So, if these people would have refused me a change in menu, I wouldn’t have a choice.

Saturdays have always been special for me and my son. We either dine outside in restaurants or order for food at home. Enjoying yummy delicious Chinese, Mughlai, Continental dishes with my family at different restaurants is what I have looked forward to, every weekend. Being at Lucknow for the last one year the specialities of Kababs, specially Galouti Kabab with Ulte Tawey ki Paratha, Biriyani and other Mughlai specialities have been a treat to the taste buds To be honest me and my son are strictly non-vegetarian, though my wife loves vegetarian cuisines more.

But who had thought in their dreams that we must forego all these delicacies one day? Covid-19 has literally made us to lead a life of austerity with variety of chicken, mutton and fish delicacies prepared by renowned Indian restaurants across the country eluding our life!

For the last three months the whole country has been surviving on homemade food with variety gone for a toss. It seems to be ages now when we had tasted the spicy delicious restaurant food last time. The ones who are good cooks are finding some solace by cooking somewhat restaurant like food at home. But at the end of everything, you can’t compare speciality restaurant food with homemade ones. Don’t know when this compromising situation is going to end for our taste buds!

Apart from homemade rice, dal, sabji, egg curry (many people are circumspect about chicken & mutton, in case these non-vegs have any co-relation to Corona) we have nothing to look forward to. The situation has become so bad nowadays that homemade Veg-Pizza with cheese spread, capsicum, pizza sauce seems like an exquisite delicate cuisine and I look forward to having the same in every ten-fifteen days’ time. I who had never liked veg food is now finding pleasure in Veg-Pizza! Thanks to Covid-19. Surprisingly, in desperation to have good non-veg (egg) food, I have got transformed into a descent cook! Tried to prepare Egg Biriyani last time and it turned out to be “not so bad”! If and only if, Sanjeev Kapoor (the famous Indian Chef) would have been my family member! It would have been a great treat for genuine food lover like me.

To add to our agony, now that lockdown is getting lifted and food joints are opening, only money is not sufficient to buy the delicacies. You need to have the guts and need to be brave enough to negate the fear of Corona and satisfy your desire to have restaurant food. There is a big difference between “it is needed” and “is it needed?” I fall under the second category. What about you?


26 thoughts on “Sad story of an Epicurean

  1. Hey Indranil,
    This is good stuff…
    All your writing is meaningful, relevant and topical.

    I really did not know about your hidden talents as a writer/author with insights into such varied topics…

    All the best.
    Keep it going.
    May the force be with you!!


  2. Although I do not hanker for going out to eat, I am strictly nonveg like you. We are e joying all sorts of home made monche foods. In fact I am enjoying the home made food for the last 3 months . It is also giving me and my daughter ample chance to experiment on new dishes -chicken meena taco. We even tried out garlic bread and rasomalai at home. It was real taste.

  3. Dear Indra you have nicely penned down the agony of numerous food lovers including me who have had gone a radical transformation to resist their taste buds and limited to healthy home food.The illusion of Covid 19 will remain for long as a nightmare and the psychological effect on human minds will definitely not allow to enjoy food delicacies in restaurants.Hope let us overcome the fear and live gleefully as ever before.

  4. You touched a very close string even I share the same thoughts but this period has brought out the hidden chef in me and has been a real source of happiness.

  5. Let's be positive…we grew up pretty much without such fancy dining outings…so maybe this is an eye opener for all of us..that we actually need very less to be happy…offcourse it goes without saying that these three months have also made us transform to a better version of our earlier selves…..and that's what we will cherish forever..
    And to satiate the foodie in you…happy cooking..
    bon appetit

  6. nice reading dear epicurean. strictly vegetarian is interesting. good write-up. wait for the achche din, when you can savour your fav. food. till then take care.

  7. Forceful but good change. "Necessity" feeling is a mind game. One can enjoy this change of game. Everyone, rich or poor, is same infront of the fearful spread.

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